I Have Constructed my Very Own Light Saber

My training is now complete... Just click anywhere on the hilt to ignite or retract the blade. This was just a fun little css experiment that I did while not sleeping.

See the Pen Saber by Tyler (@hamboogers) on CodePen.

Update 2014

Another year, another adaptIC update... Unfortunately my attention has not been on this theme lately and I have been working more with bootstrap so my need for this custom theme has not really been there. I plan on sitting down and putting the theme back to a presentable state soon but I'll keep you posted.

I'll be doing a bit of cleanup around this site as well. Currently I'm on the lookout for any Drupal positions in the Hamilton/Toronto area or something remote. Feel free to contact me if you have any leads or want to speak with me further.

adaptIC Update

When I began building adaptIC a year and a half ago I had two goals: One was to build a simple responsive theme for Drupal, there were not very many at the time and the ones that did exist were very bulky and contained far too many configurations for my tastes. My second goal was to expose myself to something new and learn some new skills. There are plenty of responsive Drupal themes out there to choose from now, hopefully I'm not adding to the clutter.

I am however building version 2 of adaptIC. With version two I'm again using it as a way to really dig in and learn some new things. I've been working with SASS for about a year now, it's become one of those tools that I can't live without. SASS is a CSS preprocessor which allows you to add nested rules, variables, mixins, etc... providing you with so much power and like the website says, it makes CSS fun again. One of my annual goals was to really master SASS this year so this is my attempt at that. Along with SASS/Compass I'm building the layout using Susy responsive grids. 

Aside from wanting to learn some new things I'm really hoping to make this theme better. When I created the initial version I made a few mistakes that could have complicated devs when building a sub theme based on adaptIC. I believe those issues have been resolved, or at least will be in V2. The Dev version should be hitting Drupal.org any time now, if it's not already there.


adaptic Is Live

Adaptic went live on Drupal.org months ago, I should have posted about it sooner, must have slipped my mind. I am currently planning the next phase for the theme and considering some ways to improve it. Any suggestions you have are appreciated so feel free to contact me

adaptIC on Github

When I began creating adaptIC I figured it would be a simple process to create my theme and get it approved on drupal.org. Boy, was I wrong! I don't want to slag the process, I understand why it's there and I have already noticed a change in the way I create and organize my code. Creating a proper Drupal theme has taught me some discipline and also taught me even more about Drupal which can't be a bad thing.

Since this is taking some time I wanted to get adaptIC out there for people to use so I have added it to a github repo. For those folks who are looking for a starting point for a responsive Drupal theme you can find the latest adaptIC code here.

Keep in mind this theme is still just a starting point and works well as a subtheme. Aside from theming you may also need some modules to help you out with images and videos. This site was created using an adaptIC subtheme, I'm using fitvid and adaptive image to handle the media and fittext for the large site title. I still plan on doing a full tutorial in the coming weeks so check back for that.

This scares the crap out of you too, right?

Hey, I'm with you. I think robots are pretty freaking cool but this is just the beginning, these robots are going to get creepier and more lifelike. Maybe I've read too many Daniel H Wilson books and should probably calm down a little. OK I'm going to hide in my panic room for an hour and start building a couple EMPs.

Insert Coin, Press Start!

I began the construction of this site as an experiment to test out a Drupal theme that I have been developing called adaptic. My ultimate goal with the theme was to create a responsive theme that would work out of the box with minimal configuration.  After almost completing this experiment I have come to the conclusion that the theme is a long way from completely working out of the box, there are just too many variables for this to be possible. It's not really impossible, it just depends on the kinds of content you want to include in your posts, videos are the major obstacle without extra modules.

I am planning on creating a series of posts that will help create a responsive Drupal site with adaptic. Eventually I will take the experiment to the point where I compare adaptic to other responsive Drupal themes.

That's it for now but I will leave you with this image of a panda using it's laser cake vision.